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Top-notch repair for high-end appliances. YOTA Appliance Repair provides quality Dacor appliance repair services in Houston, including Conroe, New Caney, Woodlands, Kingwood, and other areas. With our expertise in diagnostics and in-house parts inventory, we aim to bring your Dacor appliance back to life as quickly as possible.

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Do you have experience with DACOR dishwasher repair?
DACORproduces exceptional household appliances that are expressive and unique in quality. Each dishwasher requires a special approach, and our specialists at Yota Appliance Repair understand the nuances of DACOR appliances, ready to fix even the most complex breakdowns. We have our own spare parts warehouse and ensure prompt delivery of the necessary parts for repair.
Do you sell DACOR parts?
No, we do not sell DACOR parts, but we do perform repairs on DACOR appliances and use only genuine parts.
How quickly can you repair a DACOR appliance?
In Houston, we can typically repair a dishwasher or washing machine within a day. However, if the issue requires specialized attention and the replacement of complex parts, the repair time may increase. Complex repairs may take up to 5 days.
What kind of DACOR appliances do you repair?
We repair a wide range of DACOR appliances, including refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves, ovens, and cooktops.
How long does it take to repair DACOR appliances?
High-end appliances like DACOR require a specialized approach. The time to identify the fault and replace a part usually ranges from 1 to several hours. However, in cases where a simple replacement does not solve the problem and repair or replacement of a control unit is necessary, the repair time can extend to 3 to 5 days.


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