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Frigidaire is one of the oldest refrigerator manufacturing companies. The quality of products does not cause any complaints. Repair of Frigidaire appliances - refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers - is always a pleasant meeting with a thoughtful engineering device. In fact, Frigidaire does not break down - it just temporarily stops performing its functions. And Yota Home Service helps to restore functionality. Need help? We're on our way!


What's your experience with FRIGIDAIRE repair?
Dishwasher won't drain. FRIGIDAIRE refrigerator is making noise. Dryer won't dry, freezer won't freeze. We will find every cause, every fault and fix it in a short time. The experts at Yota have honed their skills with FRIGIDAIRE appliances over the years. In Houston, we service the Kingwood, Woodlands, New Caney, Egypt, and other neighborhoods. We know Houston well, and Houston has had time to get to know us over our 32 years in business.
FRIGIDAIRE dishwasher not working: what to do?
It's a real problem when your Frigidaire dishwasher doesn't drain properly. Despite the fact that Frigidaire makes some of the best dishwashers in the world, which tend to be very reliable, even they sometimes have drain problems. Is the drain hose clogged? Did the drain pump fail? Problems with the check valve? We know how to solve each of these problems. It doesn't matter if you have a Frigidaire error code or not, our experts will be able to come out to your location and solve all the difficulties promptly. We have our own stock of spare parts - some defects can be fixed the same day, but some will still require special attention.
Why is it good to repair FRIGIDAIRE appliances in Yota Home Service?
We give a warranty on all types of repair work. We do not invent faults to charge more for repairs. Diagnostics is performed by certified specialists who value their reputation. We put only tested spare parts. We are not interested in repeated malfunctions - your Frigidaire appliance will live for a long time.
Do you work with other brands? What about quality?
When repairing FRIGIDAIRE appliances, we pay special attention to the features of this particular brand. We take into account the peculiarities of repair - we will not change a part without an urgent need, and we will honestly estimate the cost of repair and the cost of replacement.


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