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By entrusting your repairs to professionals who specialize in Jenn-Air, you can have confidence in the accuracy and effectiveness of the repairs, giving your appliances the care they deserve. Whether it's a double oven, cooktop, or any other Jenn-Air appliance, a specialized repair service will provide the exceptional service you need.

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What could be a reason of JENN-AIR oven repair?
Here are some potential fixes for oven issues, categorized by cost:

Less expensive fixes:
- Damaged temperature sensor
- Faulty infinite switch (electric oven) or igniter (gas oven)
- Blown fuse
More expensive repair: Replacing the electronic control board (due to power surge, bake element short, or system failure)
Gas double oven with gas cooktop issue: Check the house's natural gas line
Power supply issue:
- Ensure proper connection to power source
- Verify that circuit breaker or fuse controlling the oven is not tripped or blown.
Child lock: If your oven has a child lock feature, make sure it is not engaged, as this can prevent the oven from turning on.
Temperature sensor: In an electric oven, a damaged or faulty temperature sensor may prevent it from turning on. Consider checking and potentially replacing the sensor.
Infinite switch (electric) or igniter (gas): In an electric oven, if the infinite switch or igniter is defective, it won't be able to generate heat and turn on. These components may need to be replaced.
Blown fuse: If there is a blown fuse in the oven's circuitry, it can cause a power interruption and prevent the oven from turning on. Check and replace any blown fuses. Electronic control board failure: The electronic control board
Most common problems with JENN-AIR dishwasher 
When the dishwasher starts leaking from the door, it is often an indication that it is leaning and not leveled correctly. Additionally, when the dishwasher trips the breaker, technicians often find that it is not electrically connected properly, lacking the appropriate-sized merits for the cable gauge.
Meaning of JENN-AIR repair
If f.e. your JENN-AIR double oven is older than 10 years, it might be better to replace it when facing a major failure since it is nearing the average useful life of 15 years. However, for ovens that are younger, it is generally more cost-effective to opt for repair as the cost of replacement can range from $750 for a basic slide-in to over $3,000 for a wall-mounted double oven with advanced features.
What's the average cost for JENN-AIR repair?
For ovens the cost typically includes the most common problem like the replacement of a burner igniter ($250). However, if the issue is with a bake element, the cost can be as low as $200. On the other hand, if the electronic control board needs to be replaced, the cost can exceed $600.


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