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We offer specialized repair services for Maytag appliances performed by certified technicians. Our focus is on providing efficient and effective repairs without unnecessary conversations or pitfalls that can waste your time or money. We source our parts from authorized distributors, ensuring their quality and compatibility with your Maytag appliance. All repairs come with warranties, giving you peace of mind. Additionally, we offer discounts for recommendations, so if you refer our services to others, you can enjoy even more savings.

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MAYTAG washer Not Draining Properly - what should i do?
The easiest thing to do is to call us and diagnose the cause of the breakdown on the spot. Some of the simplest faults can be repaired by yourself, but usually the usual user test does not help. Check the drain hose for any clogs or kinks. Straighten the hose if necessary. . Ensure that the drain hose is not inserted too far into the standpipe or laundry tub, as this can lead to drainage issues.Inspect the lid switch to see if it is functioning correctly. If not, it may need to be replaced. Avoia professional technician if you are unsure how to perform any repairs
MAYTAG dryer not heating: is it a time to repair?
We've got ourselves a common problem with those MAYTAG appliances, especially them dryers. Sometimes they're slacking off and not producing any heat. Ain't that just infuriating when you're in a rush to dry your clothes? Well, fear not, 'cause we've got a plan of action for you. Here are a few steps to troubleshoot and resolve this problem:
- Verify the power supply, ensuring the dryer receives adequate voltage and that the circuit breaker hasn't tripped.
- Clean the lint filter and ensure the exhaust vent is clear to allow proper airflow.
- Test the heating element with a multimeter to check for proper functioning; replace if necessary.
- Inspect the thermal fuse and high-limit thermostat for signs of damage; replace if needed.
Please remember to prioritize safety by disconnecting the power before attempting any repairs on your MAYTAG dryer. Just usually there're some more points. Don't hesitate to contact for MAYTAG repair service asap.
Should I call you if refrigerator not cooling?
If you notice that your Maytag refrigerator is not cooling as it should, several factors may be at play.
- Check the power connection
- Verify the temperature settings
- Clean the condenser coils
- Assess the door seal
- Check for obstructions: Verify that there are no obstructions blocking the airflow around the refrigerator, such as items placed too close or blocking the vents.
- Review the refrigerator's loading: Ensure that the refrigerator is not overloaded with food items. Overfilling the refrigerator can hinder airflow and proper cooling.
- Ensure that the refrigerator is properly plugged in and the power outlet is functioning correctly.
So if the troiublecheck is done correctly and problem is still there, call Yota to repair MAYTAG.
How soon can my MAYTAG washing machine be repaired?
At our Houston service locations, we make sure to always keep a minimum stock of parts on hand. However, there are times when we might need to reach out to the main Yota Home Service stock. . In those cases, please be aware that it could take anywhere from 2 to 5 days for the part to be delivered and replaced. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this process


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