Many people associate ovens with baking. However, ovens are multifunctional home appliances that make life easier for those who love hosting dinners or have large families to feed. You can also try cooking or baking new dishes to add variety to your meals with an oven. Ovens are the best for faster, easier, and even cooking. Due to their reliability and hardy nature, many oven owners neglect to maintain their appliances in the best conditions. Additionally, many do not use ovens daily, and anticipating oven problems becomes challenging. Whether you use an electric or gas oven, you will need oven repair services from time to time.

Common Gas OVEN
Problems That need repair

Ignition is glowing, but there is no flame
If your gas oven doesn't have a flame, the igniter is the first thing to check. If it is glowing, but there is no flame, you may need to replace the igniter. Igniters can get worn out and fail to open the safety valve that lets gas into the burner. Call your gas oven repair service to fix the igniter.
Oven not heating evenly
One of the most common gas oven repair problems is an oven that does not heat or bake evenly. A faulty oven igniter may cause your oven not to heat evenly. When the igniter gets weak, it cannot adequately open the safety valve, resulting in low heat problems. Another possible cause of low oven temperatures is a failed bake element. If the element does not glow or shows signs of damage, it is time to call the gas oven repair in your area.
Gas odor
If you can smell gas when using the oven, turn it off and investigate a gas leak. Gas leaks are dangerous and can cause explosions or fires. If you cannot locate the leak source, call gas oven repair services to find and repair the leak. There are two possible gas leak causes. It is either worn-out gas valves or holes in the gas valve. Call an oven repair expert to check and repair the gas valve before you can use the oven again.

Common Electric Oven
Problems We Fix

Oven won't turn on
The power supply is the first thing to check if your oven isn't turned on. If the oven is receiving power, several possible issues may prevent it from turning on. A faulty heating element is your first call. Other potential causes are faulty switches and temperature sensors.
Incorrect oven temperature
Your oven should maintain the set temperature. If the oven temperature is lower than the setting or your food overlooks, you need to recalibrate the temperature controls. Other causes include a faulty thermostat or oven element. You may need to call electric oven repair services if the problem persists.
Oven makes strange noises
You may notice your electric oven making unusual noises. It points to broken or worn-out mechanical parts like the fan—an electric motor powers the fan to distribute heat evenly throughout the oven. You should call an oven repair expert to check the fan and motor.

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Frequently Asked

What is included in oven repair service?
Our oven repair services include safe troubleshooting and complete diagnosis of your oven. Then follows repairs and parts replacement required to keep your oven operating normally. Oven repairs cannot be completed without proper cleaning of your oven to ensure it is ready for you to cook again.
How much does it cost to repair a gas oven?
Oven repair costs vary depending on the issue, parts replacement, and labor. Gas oven repair costs range from $150 to $600 and average about $300. It costs $100 to replace a fan on the lower end, while a control board replacement can cost $600.
What causes electric oven repairs to be expensive?
Electric oven repair costs vary depending on the number of oven repair issues, parts replacement, and labor requirements. Parts availability and prices are significant contributors to costly repairs.
Is it worth having an oven repaired?
Oven repairs are always an option until the repair cost becomes too expensive. If your oven breaks down frequently, it may mean the unit’s lifespan is coming to an end. Frequent and expensive oven repairs can add up quickly and cost you more than a new unit’s price. On average, you can expect your oven to last 15 years, but the more you use it, the faster it wears out. If your oven is older than ten years, you should consider a replacement in favor of repairs.
How long do oven repairs take?
Most oven repair problems take less than an hour to fix. Oven repair periods will depend on several factors, such as the scope of repairs, parts availability, and coordination with the client. After contacting oven repair services, it shouldn’t take more than a day to get your oven repaired.

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